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A yoga session at your workfloor

What does yoga do for your employees?

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Yoga is an ultimate tool to de-stress and relax. It also provides a boost in the general well-being at the workplace. Lauren starts from a down to earth, but personal approach.


The lessons are based on the traditional and proven benefits of yoga. Classes are a true journey and start with a meditation or mindfulness exercise followed by a flow and stretching exercises to end with a final relaxation.

The session is always guided by an uplifting playlist.

Two friends, each with their own passion, join forces to bring food for the body, mind & soul in the form of a tailor-made team building. What can you expect?

A yoga flow at your office in combination with a healthy delicious brunch/lunch or apéro. A healthy fun package made with love at your workplace.


A yoga-session at your workfloor

€ 450 /  1h30 session
Option to rent mats € 2.50 / mat
Up to 15 people*


A healthy sharing lunch: 4 surprising dishes to enjoy together as a group

€ 500 / 1 hour session & sharing lunch
Up to 15 people**


A brunch buffet with healthy dishes to start the day right

€ 550 / 1 hour session & brunch buffet
Up to 15 people**


Finger food & healthy bites

€ 500 / 1 hour session & apero assortment
Up to 15 people**

A tailor-made formula can also be worked out at any time.

Among the possibilities: more luxurious menu, cook on site, buffet with waiter,...

*Are you with more than 15 people? Then there is + €15 per additional person.

**Are you with more than 15 people? Then there is + €30 per additional person.

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