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My Journey


My yoga journey started during my first big trip I undertook just after my studies. I took a yoga class along the way. When I moved to Barcelona - where I lived and worked for 4 years -

I entered a yoga studio where I discovered Jivamukti classes and never left. I still remember my first class very very well: yoga mat next to yoga mat, with at least 50 other yogis we were in the studio and we were guided through a beautiful story. I really felt like a journey in my body and my mind.

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It was a story that starts with mantra chanting, a dharma talk, a guided meditation and a powerful sweaty dynamic yoga class to the sound of our breathing. I was so exhausted, so satisfied and so amazed after my first Jivamukti lesson. And maybe for me the most special, I was so calm in my head.


Since that day, this studio and my yoga mat became my safe space. A moment of self care, a community where everyone is welcome without distinction, a place that challenges you and where you accept to let go if your body and mind aren't aligning that day.

Jivamukti is still relatively unknown in Belgium, so the idea arose to start my own Jivamukti classes. In October 2021 I completed my 300 Jivamukti teacher training in addition to my 200 ashtanga Vinyasa during my trip to Thailand in 2019.

In November 2021 I took a short sabbatical in Mexico to teach Jivamukti in Barbarenas, a beautiful eco-lodge, and I took the time to create Journey of Yoga, read JOY. A place to unite people, practice Jivamukti and other yoga styles and feel more in sync with your inner and outer world.


Jivamukti in Sanskrit means 'living in a liberated state' and isn't that just the feeling we have while on a journey?

Being free?


With Journey Of Yoga I would like to take you on an exploration in your body, mind and soul.

For me, yoga is a never ending journey that takes me to new places yet to be discovered.


Sometimes it takes me to turbulent places, sometimes it takes me to loving places, sometimes it takes me to an oasis of silence where, guided by the breath, I am always brought to a different place.

 Always surprised by where I ended up that day in class. Always curious about what the next journey has in the making and grateful that my body and my mind keep calling me back to the yoga mat.

Be sure to follow our journey.


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