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What do I teach?


I truly believe yoga is for everyone, for all ages, for all levels,

during every stage in your life. 


What can you expect from a Jivamukti class? A dynamic hatha  flow with a strong focus on strength and stretching, brought to you with a lot of love and insights of the Jivamukti tradition, including meditation and breathwork under an uplifting soundtrack.


Yin and Restorative

A journey within to find space and softness while holding poses for a longer period of time,  3-5 minutes. The practice is gentle, supportive and relaxed with the idea to release any tension in the body.


Group Classes

Monday - 6:45 PM - Hatha Vinyasa

Monday - 8:00 PM - Pilates 


Tuesday - Check schedule of Yogaloft (Ghent)


Plug & Flow

Always loved  doing yoga with some good music as background? We provide yoga with a live-dj set

This is a great idea for your group! 


Private Classes

Start your yoga journey at your pace.

I would love to guide you while you deepen your practice & your knowledge.


Workshops & Events

Would you love to have yoga at your event , organize a workshop together or participate in one of my workshops?

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-31 at 9_edited.jpg


Two friends, each with their own passion, join forces to bring food for the body, mind & soul in the form of a tailor-made team building. What can you expect? A yoga flow at your office in combination with a healthy delicious brunch/lunch or apéro. A healthy fun package made with love at your workplace.

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