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The founder of “Colorup your life - By Caro”. An art project with the purpose of bringing more colours in people's life!

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This art project started in 2021 after 9 months of solo travel in South America. This experience changed her mindset completely. During her trip she learned that doing something creative could give her the freedom she experienced in South America. Because you can do this wherever in the world. So when she came back she decided to start painting.


She developed an original project with the name “Shirt Up Your wall”. Which means that she translates the patterns of a colourful festival shirt into a personalised artwork. In other words: the shirt exists already and she paints the patterns of that shirt on to a canvas. To bring more meaning to a valuable item.


Organically her project grows every year. She did several live painting acts, painted her first big mural and is responsible for the decoration at Curfew Festival. Next to that she is experimenting with fabrics based on her paintings - to give second hand clothing a new colourful touch.

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As you can notice - Caro is a freedom seeker and likes the “simple life” lifestyle. She is happiest travelling in her van with her boyfriend and dogs - soaking up the sun and surfing everyday. 


During the retreat she will be responsible for the creative workshops and will guide you getting in that FLOW. Next to that she loves talking about life and her experiences of the past 3 years building up her brand “By Caro”. So let’s have those talks during sunset walks and let’s learn from each other.

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